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Posted: Desember 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

1. candle light dinner??…. hmmm. Great chalenge for my coward hearted… hahahahaha no thanks! Out bond aja dech.. rame-rame lebih enjoy gw.. 5:48 AM Dec 10th from web

2. People become atheists because of hurt, then seek intellectual arguments to validate their desire to live without God 5:43 AM Dec 10th from web

3. Everything you do today affects tomorrow. Even the smallest act has eternal consequences.There’s more to life than here&now 5:42 AM Dec 10th from web

4. @arielstevansiwi RATIONALIZE= to tell yourself Rational Lies.Trying to convince ur mind it is RIGHT when you know in ur heart it is WRONG. 5:13 AM Dec 8th from web

5. If you guess life ends at death, please consider that Eternity would be a long time to be wrong. I wouldn’t gamble. 5:12 AM Dec 8th from web

6. Abis jalan bareng Ariel, Ling n Zwenzi, 4 jam di Pizza Hut.. penuh tawa dengan para ibu2 dan adu argumen yang hot dengan Ariel.. luv debate 5:11 AM Dec 8th from web

7. #janganheran kalo nggak bisa nemuin ‘AnitaSilvR’ di#facebook.. l already missed you all……… 1:15 AM Dec 2nd from web

8. jangan heran kalo semua komentar n wall post menghilang, bukan dihapus, tapi ‘hide mode’… #facebook 1:10 AM Dec 2nd from web

9. deaktivasi #facebook ulang untuk fungsi proteksi….. Im so sory, friendss… dui bu qi… 1:05 AM Dec 2nd from web

10. If God says 2 things that appear contradictory, both are true.The problem is U trying to fit God into ur theological box. 1:03 AM Dec 2nd from web

11. U can love people u disagree with & disagree with people u love.Calling anyone who disagree with u a “hater” is nonsense. 1:02 AM Dec 2nd from web

12. menyantap cah ercis hmmmmm lezat!! 10:45 PM Nov 28th from web

13. sejenak di rumah.. 10:26 PM Nov 28th from

14. #iamthankfulfor the weather today… waiting for that smile…….. 10:27 PM Nov 25th from web

15. Deeper levels of Fellowship: 1.Sharing together (shallowest) 2.Studying together. 3.Serving together 4 Suffering together 9:59 PM Nov 25th from web

16. Praying for ibu …. (don’t know why I always thinking of her since met her yesterday….. miss that conversation… GOD how I miss her..) 4:13 AM Nov 20th from web

17. Never let an impossible situation intimidate you. Let it motivate you – to pray more, trust more, be more creative. 4:04 AM Nov 20th from web

18. sakit 8:30 PM Nov 11th from web

19. If the only people you think are brilliant are those you agree with, you still have a lot to learn. 11:18 PM Nov 10th from web

20. @ Wajah sepi: Gw harus bisa mengeliminasi rasa yang seharusnya nggak boleh ada…. Im so sorry…. 11:30 PM Nov 8th from web

1. #deepdowninside.I wish what people said n done didn’t hurt me. Deepdowninside I wish I could tell people sometimes they do….. 8:49 PM Oct 10th from web
2. Kaget dengan diri sendiri yang ternyata nggak bisa kasih senyum dikit aja sama orang yang bikin gw sakit.. Tolong dimaafkan, berat sih (T_T) 8:47 PM Oct 10th from web
3. “The very day I call for help, the tide of battle turns.Enemies flee!This one thing I know:God is for me!” Psalm 56:9 LB 4:37 PM Oct 2nd from web
4. Another Saturdaynight loneliness after a nightshift on IRDM-Neuro.. ngantuks bengets… I’m single and not so happy… (T_T)…….. 4:26 PM Oct 2nd from web
5. Pain can Protect “Surely it was for my benefit I suffered such anguish.In Your love You kept me from a pit of destruction” Isa38:17 3:57 PM Oct 2nd from web
6. GOD hates my posing in pray. HE want my broken cry, not a composition.”They think they’ll be heard for their manywords” Mat 6:7 1:50 AM Sep 29th from mobile web
7. he said:” I love you” I said:”Well OK, marry me” then he turn to cowward mode n flew.. what kind of love he’d overed me? lust? def.! 1:44 AM Sep 29th from mobile web
8. #iamsinglebecause of some topics are not related…..???? 11:28 PM Sep 26th from web
9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR SENZEI WATANABE! May GOD bless you more n more to overcome the storm we face together. I always pray for you, Kak…. 3:16 AM Sep 26th from web
10. God is love-1Jn4:8 Love is not self-centered-1 Cor13:5 God didnt need us.He WANTED us! U r an expression of God’s love. 3:12 AM Sep 26th from web
11. loneliness is a cost of vision…. Daniel 10:7… jia you!!! 10:51 PM Sep 24th from mobile web
12. I’m on the sky…. syalalalala…. but neext week ‘kalah ganti’… hiks 9:49 PM Sep 22nd from mobile web
13. Berakhir sudah seminggu di IRINA F Neurologi.. kini daku pindah ke tempat yang nggak ada anginnya.. hiks.. 9:05 PM Sep 20th from web
14. Another proof of our fallen nature is our uncanny ability to clearly see the faults of everyone except ourselves. Rom2:1-3 7:05 AM Sep 12th from web
15. Ada orang bodoh yg gak tau dia bodoh, trsinggung klo dibilang bodoh, trus mau dibodohin.. gile nggak tuh??… 5:27 AM Sep 12th from web
16. no Facebook, sayang….. dari pada ‘power loosing’ terus dang… syarat yang nggak bisa dikompromikan kwa noh.. prinsip!!! (^_^)V 1:36 AM Sep 4th from web
17. mo jelaskan gimana lagi ma ‘fans club’ gw kalo gw nggak bisa pake Facebook lagi… hhhhh 1:28 AM Sep 4th from web
18. Humility isnt thinking less of yourself. It’s thinking of yourself less.If you focus on others, you forget you.1Cor10:24 1:22 AM Sep 4th from web
19. There is an #Earthquake in http://minepoemss.blogspot.com either….. hehehehe 2:07 AM Sep 2nd from web
20. B4 God’sPeople could enter-Promised Land,an entire Gen had to die in the desert.U’ll lose the faithless before ur best days 2:00 AM Sep 2nd from web

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    salam kenal, @mbahjiwo1 ha ha ha

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